ASICs For RandomX Monero? WTF

Rabid Mining

Rabid Mining

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ASICs For RandomX Monero?  WTF
ASICs For RandomX Monero?  WTF
ASICs For RandomX Monero?  WTF
ASICs For RandomX Monero?  WTF
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2023-08-28 07:39:41

Even if they have, it would not be worth buying. The Monero team will just hard fork and kick the ASIC's out.
The team will surely be able to do that quicker than the ASIC miners being able to achieve ROI. It's one of the community and projects core goals, prevent centralization.

The whole point from the beginning with the CryptoNote white paper was to fix what Bitcoin got wrong, that being complete fungibility, privacy and resistance to centralization. They have certainly not shown any signs of tolerating any divergence from this focus.

prnljkE *
2023-08-25 05:57:46

as soon as the first asics hit the network the devs will fork the algo, good luck vipera tech about:invalid#zCSafez

2023-08-24 12:01:47

I'm just glad i saw this post because i was about to start planning out some RandomXmr epyc builds. The only thing that honestly matters at this point is how efficient hash/watt this new X5 miner be.

If we look at that SuperScalar K10 miner for RXD, sure its hashrate is off the charts (~33000mhs, 4090 3340mhs), but its actual efficiency is only ~18mh/w @1800w - while a 4070 ti (most efficient GPU) is at ~13mh/w.

If you ask me, i'm not dropping 10k MSRP (probably way more for street) on anything that eats near 2k w at rated stock speeds when its efficiency metric is so near the pack of decent GPUs for that coin.

2023-08-24 11:51:32

Basically same thing with Radiant - gigantic spike in hashrate April 23rd - May 23rd - up to ~ >x3 network hash all-time before - and then we saw Multminer M2 / SuperScalar K10 pop up basically end of that period and a little bit later. The network graphs do not lie - and these days for ASIC / FPGA companies - it is the best proof that their stuff actually works.

2023-08-20 23:24:19

They put a dual 7742 with one of the mini boards and will charge 25k for it.

Snarks Domain
2023-08-20 02:51:38

I wonder if it's just a bunch of Arm CPU's that are normally on phones. A couple hundred of them together, without the need to power any screens, could be pretty power efficient.

2023-08-16 21:09:15

Oh no..🫨 I just bought and started buying and building rigs for CPU mining.. and here is the news, xmr will mine ASIC🫣🫣 Very fun😏😏

2023-08-15 11:55:21

Dedicated math processor makes sense as an "asic"

tariq adddyty
2023-08-15 11:38:31

many things happen ( TxBit ) is closing

setiyawan mordy
2023-08-15 10:56:36

Yang jelas belum ada pengganti koin ethereum yang profit untuk di tambang, saya harap ada satu orang yang bisa menghidupkan kembali dunia pertambangan ini seperti ketika ethereum belum merge dan menjadi POS, karena saya mengandalkan ini karena saya sudah tua sudah tidak kuat tenaga buat menafkahi keluarga dengan bekerja keras,

Suaib Mahmud Palash
2023-08-15 04:27:32

Is ram frequency affect monero mining? I have 2400mhz cl15 ram. do i get more hashrate if i go for 3200mhz?

Haris Dublas
2023-08-15 04:14:29

you people should stop supporting asics

2023-08-15 04:05:05

Remember nothing is ultimately ASIC proof, all you can do is to make it harder for manufacturers to design specialized hardware for your algorithm 🔥🚀
If it is true, maybe we will get another improvement for RandomX, time as always will tell.
I do not want specialized hardware on XMR, ASIC manufacturing is a brilliant ponzi-scheme 😤

2023-08-15 02:16:20

If it is real, my guess is that they found code that doesn’t change and can be optimized by running it on the hardware, but the main Randomx algorithm will still run in the software.

2023-08-15 00:37:31

Confirmed. No other information available. Will be an ASIC.

2023-08-15 00:34:49

I HOPE ITS FAKE -I thought the RandomX was just totally outside of an ASICs capability.

Yvon Nadeau
2023-08-15 00:28:54

I inquired about the L9 from Viperatech and says end of the year release. And, price most likely 3x the 9500m at release! and 2x the performance. . What was the price at launch for the 9500m?

Yvon Nadeau
2023-08-15 00:07:57

Yep, i saw that yesterday as well. I say it's coming.
Thx man

2023-08-14 22:51:47

If it's cheap enough and it is running some sort of Epic chip, I might buy one.

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