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Flamewall (Hosted by Skub, Valentine, Narwall, Surjaco) is an XXL top 1 level currently being verified by 🤍OneAlphaHelix It's not seven minutes because I cut the long black screen at the end This level is super interesting, although the theme could be more original it feels almost like an orochi-inspired level. Except the creators actually finished in a normal amount of time. The sheer amount of work needed to get a level like this together with such consistent quality throughout is absolutely insane and much much harder to do than it seems. The theme is really well kept throughout, with not one part standing out as sub-standard. Rating: 8/10

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2023-11-28 23:03:33

What rank is it on the demon list?

2023-11-28 22:54:49

Ima be honest here. This level reminds me a lot of one of my favorite xl levels that’s currently rated. Fusion Z. So this level is probably in my opinion the best top 1 since zodiac

2023-11-28 16:56:35


2023-11-28 01:30:04

8/10 💀?

2023-11-27 11:43:00


2023-11-26 06:04:33

Acheron is top 3?

2023-11-24 13:47:09

T8Z2Hx8QnFc&t=5m27s 5:27 ooh dios..

2023-11-23 12:42:11

Which level can we compare the difficulty to? Ignore the length im just talking about frame perfects and tightness

2023-11-23 10:02:00

when will we have a top 1 like this

2023-11-23 04:51:20

This is by far the best top 1

2023-11-22 16:20:06

fun fact : narwall in Arabic has the same meaning as flamewall in English

2023-11-22 13:15:22

This level is a masterpiece but it would never be verified because its too hard and 7 mins long. Thats way too hard for a level this long

2023-11-21 20:51:09

omg, best top 1 ever

2023-11-21 18:33:20

The boykisser at T8Z2Hx8QnFc&t=0m44s 0:44 jumpscared me

2023-11-21 04:30:57

The perfection of this level can only be compared with levels like misanthrope, gc, orochi. original and energic but iconic what makes diferent to another creations. One of the best levels so far

2023-11-21 02:02:04

can we stop using red in our levels for top1s

2023-11-20 20:53:11

Why are people saying this is like orochi this is more like fusion z

2023-11-20 03:12:39

Loved the part from T8Z2Hx8QnFc&t=0m00s 0:00 to T8Z2Hx8QnFc&t=6m47s 6:47 where I couldn't see the gameplay

2023-11-19 20:21:12

This makes me traumatized of osu!

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