how to mine Monero

Thunder Keck

Thunder Keck

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this tutorial shows how to set up a Monero GUI wallet and how to start mining using p2pool. here is the link for the gui wallet: 🤍🤍

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how to mine Monero
how to mine Monero
how to mine Monero
how to mine Monero
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Connor Cirillo
2023-08-30 02:30:18

sup man, just curious if I am able to reudce my screen size when monero is open. On my laptop, it is zoomed in pretty heavily and when I bring it to my second monitor, it reduces the size of the display to where I can not even see shit. Not sure if this is a common problem for people but if you or anyone has tips, would love to hear them. Getting synchronized now.

2023-08-25 20:32:08

What is a bootstrap node

Ronel Silverio
2023-08-23 14:04:12

how to mine? please demo step by step

2023-08-20 16:43:40

is this save?

2023-08-20 08:29:56

how much power and internet does this take up? like am i gonna run out of wifi for the month or see a major spike in power bill?

2023-08-18 14:47:22

I installed it, and got a couple virus and threat protection notifications. Is that normal?

2023-08-16 16:44:54

Thank you for showing a more straight forward way of doing this. I had to download the wallet create the wallet and then find a pool and configure the config.json with the address and pool and donation levels. This is way easier. Big thanks

2023-08-14 02:44:33

Guys i have some issues ti syncronize, any suggestions ? Pls

2023-08-14 02:08:40

Can you mine on multiple computer at once?

Tyler Wosleger
2023-08-13 16:29:40

the sycnronization part chews through storage on my computer. I had 45GB available and it stopped syncronizing because it ran out of space. Any advice? Did I select an incorrect setting?

Anthony Gay
2023-08-13 14:11:13

can I set this up on android

Paul Muraru
2023-08-10 06:11:39

Hi man, i sow that the software is useing CPU for mining, but i want to mine with GPU, how do i change it? i don't see and option to change it

Omar Ibrahim
2023-08-10 02:01:05

will this mess up my MacBook Air m2 if I use it to mine ?

2023-08-09 21:58:09

When i click start daemon, it works for a few seconds then says disconnected and it wont work

2023-08-09 21:42:35

How do I see how much XMR I’ll make per day or per month?

Fusion Fitness
2023-08-09 18:56:32

Hi bro please reply can you tell me how i can talk to the beast please

War Truck
2023-08-08 12:57:06

I tried loading it but when i left it to synchronizing it took up like 90GB of storage is that normal? and if so how much does it need in total.

Vittoria Vieceli
2023-08-08 11:00:55

What can you typically buy with monero on the dark web?

2023-08-08 04:23:41

Can anyone help it keeps on saying error miner won’t start even after I let it through security threats

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