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BSL Alphabet


Our brand new Introduction to BSL online course starts on the 10th of March 2022. Why not try something totally different this spring and learn a fascinating new skill? Find out more here 👉 🤍 #BLS #BritishSignLanguage #Languages #IHLondon

100 Basic Signs in British Sign Language (BSL)


Learn 100 basic signs in British Sign Language with Commanding Hands! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and watch our other videos to learn BSL for FREE with Commanding Hands. After this video, why not learn ANOTHER 100 Basic Signs: 🤍 We've got a specific video aimed at kids here with 50 Simple Signs: 🤍 Thanks for watching! ✋

How to sign the alphabet in British Sign Language (BSL) - Right handed - Signer point of view


How to sign the alphabet in British Sign Language (BSL) from the point of view of the signer. A right handed man shows you how to sign the alphabet. Check out our other videos for videos from a different perspective, it may give you a clearer view. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel, like us on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (🤍CommandingHands).

BSL 17 - ¡Gran final! Mihu vs. Dewalt - Bo9


BSL 17 - ¡Gran final! Mihu vs. Dewalt - Bo9 La fecha culminante del torneo mundial de StarCraft: Bombastic StarLeague 17. Mihu vs. Dewalt - Bo9 ¡En vivo! Suscríbete para que los rebeldes empiecen a rodar 🤍 #Blizzard #StarCraft #esports #gaming #gamer

The Most ✨Aesthetic ✨ BSL Shader Settings | Tutorial


Today I'll show you how to transform your BSL shader to look Aesthetic and Beutifull :) In this tutorial I'll go over all settings to make Minecraft 1.20 look amazing in all dimensions. Leave a LIKE to support me and my work :) JOIN our Discord community server: 🤍 Get to know me behind the scenes and chat with awesome people :) Follow me= Even more Ideas on my other accounts! Don't miss out :) 🌸Pinterest🌸: 🤍 🐳Instagram 🐳 🤍 🍁Reddit🍁 🤍 =What I use 🌖BSL Shaders 🌖🤍 🌲Optifine 🌲 🤍 Credits 🦄 Skin: Mochhi from Skindex 🤍 🦄 Music: Epidemic Sound Join this amazing planform and help me a bit with this referral link: 🤍 ( It doesn't cost extra for you but helps me out ) #minecraftaesthetic #bslshader #Tutorial

Basic Greetings, Manners and Phrases in BSL for Beginners


Learn how to sign some useful greetings, manners and phrases in BSL for use in everyday conversations. Aimed at beginners and those wanting to expand their vocabulary. Contents: 0:08 Hello 0:16 Good morning 0:30 Good afternoon 0:42 Good evening 0:57 Good night 1:11 Bye 1:20 See you later 1:35 See you soon 1:49 See you tomorrow 2:06 Welcome 2:19 Hello, welcome 2:32 Nice to see you 2:48 Haven't seen you in ages! 3:02 I'm surprised to see you 3:18 How are you? 3:29 Are you feeling better? 3:46 My name is Dan 4:06 What's your name? 4:26 How can I help you? 4:47 Can you help me? 5:07 Please 5:18 Thank you 5:30 Sorry 5:43 Apology 6:00 Excuse me 6:13 Bless you 6:24 Stay safe 6:41 Be careful please 7:00 Wait 7:12 Wait there please 7:32 Again please 7:48 Slow please 8:04 I know a little sign language 8:43 Quiz Here at Commanding Hands, we want everyone to have access to free BSL learning resources. Join our channel and support us: 🤍



●Хей, в данном видео я покажу вам как настроить BSL шейдеры, что бы он выдавал больше FPS. Надеюсь вам понравится и вы поставите лайк. 👍 ◈ Полезные ссылки: ▪Скачать шейдеры BSL: 🤍 ❤️ Поддержать Кронка копеечкой: 🤍 📷▪ Instagram ╼ 🤍 🎮▪ Steam ╼ 🤍 🎥▪ VK ╼ 🤍 🕋▪ Discord ╼ 🤍 📲▪ Tik-Tok ╼🤍kronkesl 💵▪ Реклама ╼ 🤍 ▶️Мой ник KronkESLYT Девайсы: ⌨️ Клавиатура: Qumo Dragon War 🖱️ Мышка: A4 Bloody A9 🎙️ Микрофон: Fifine-K669 🖥️ Монитор: Samsung 1920x1080 60Hz ═══════════════════════ 💻Мои программы: 📹 Программа для записи: Bandicam 💻 Программа для монтажа: Adobe Premiere Pro 🖼️ Программа для превью: Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 🎵▪ Музыка: Упс... Забыли написать :D Тайм-коды: 📌▪ Если дочитал до этого пиши #ятопбой

ASL vs BSL | Side by Side Comparison | American Sign Language and British Sign Language


We partnered up with Sign Say in the UK to show you a side by side comparison of ASL and BSL. Although there are many similarities in the different sign languages there are also many differences. See if you can spot the similarities and differences between the different signs. We loved working with Sign Say. Show them some love by visiting their website (🤍). They offer great free and paid courses that you can take online. If you're interested in learning BSL definitely check them out. If you're interested in learning ASL subscribe right here! We release new ASL videos every week (most of the time). You can also visit our website to sign up for our newsletter and more (🤍) 0:00 - Intro 0:30 - TEACHING: Parameters of Sign COMMON SIGNS 1:01 - I or Me 1:16 - You 1:25 - Meet 1:35 - Time 1:44 - Name 1:54 - Hello 2:02 - How are you? 2:13 - Please and Thank you 2:38 - Help 2:48 - Sorry 3:00 - Understand and Don't Understand 3:24 - Repeat or Again 3:39 - Excuse Me 3:59 - Good Morning 4:13 - Good Afternoon 4:26 - Good Night 4:39 - Live 4:50 - Learn or Learning 5:08 - US ENGLISH WORDS vs UK ENGLISH WORDS 5:38 - Soccer/Football 5:52 - Chips/Crisps 6:00 - French Fries/Chips 6:09 - Sneakers/Trainers 6:22 - Sweater/Jumper 6:33 - Subway/Underground 6:43 - Mail/Post 6:51 - Truck/Lorry 7:02 - Apartment/Flat 7:10 - Elevator/Lift 7:19 - Diaper/Nappy 7:29 - Candy/Sweets 7:37 - Cell Phone/Mobile Phone 7:46 - Pants/Trousers 8:00 - Closet/Wardrobe 8:10 - Crib/Cot Thanks for watching! #asl #bsl #LearnHowToSign

10 Really Useful Signs in British Sign Language (BSL)


Learn 10 phrases in British Sign Language that can be really useful in everyday conversations. Many of these signs are often referred to as "multi-channel signs" where you need to show a specific facial expression or lip pattern at the same as as the sign, for example "that's interesting" requires an "ooooh" lip pattern. What signs do you find really useful? Let us know in the comments. They don't have to be the signs in this video. Thanks for watching! ✋

The Ultimate BSL Shader Settings 2023


✨ Welcome to the Ultimate BSL Shader Settings 2023. This guide will show you how to configure and optimise your BSL shaders for high fps and great visuals! Complementary Shaders Tutorial: 🤍 🔗 Social Media: 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🎵 Music and Sound Effects: Provided by Epidemic Sound #minecraft #minecraftshaders #bslshader

Vanilla VS BSL VS Rethinking Voxels - Best Minecraft Shader Comparison


In this video, you can see a comparison between vanilla, BSL shader and Rethinking Voxels shader! Who won the Vanilla VS BSL VS Rethinking Voxels fight - you can decide for yourself, but new minecraft rethinking voxels shader is probably better than Minecraft RTX! It has realistic shadows, colored lighting and good optimization for its quality! It's just in beta, so of course some performance and visual issues are there, but if you support the developer of this best minecraft shaderpack, there's a chance of it becoming the best free minecraft shaders you'll ever see! Go download and play with minecraft rethinking voxels yourself! Well, it's definitely best minecraft shaders 1.19 . Just look at this minecraft shader comparison. BSL Download: 🤍 Rethinking Voxels Download (complementary reimagined edit): 🤍 You need Iris shaders, fabric and sodium for it to work (you can use optifine but it'll be worse) Fabric Download: 🤍 Fabric API Download: 🤍 Sodium Download: 🤍 Iris Shaders Download: 🤍 What do you think of these packs? Which minecraft shaders are the best? Tell me down below and enjoy the rethinking voxels showcase! (Minecraft 1.19.2 used here, but other versions are ok too) Music: Futuremono - Moonrise #minecraft #shaders #comparison

How to Sign Days of the Week in British Sign Language (BSL)


Learn how to sign days of the week in BSL. Plus, learn how to sign weekend, today, tomorrow, yesterday, next week and last week.

⭐ Improve BSL Shaders 8 | Optimized & refined settings + explanations for amazing vanilla Look


In this guide / tutorial I show my updated and refined settings for the BSL Shader 8 (or higher) and give detailed explanations. I also discuss some settings that impact the fps and showcase some alternative options you might want to check out. In total this will improve the visuals of the BSL Shader 8 , making them look awesome and amazing in every situation! Want to support me? Leave a Like 👍 & Subscribe ❤️ for more helpful videos in the future. BSL Shader Version 🤍 Optifine: 🤍 💻 Chat with TecThor on discord: 🤍 ✅ Subscribe to get into the loop: 🤍 🌐 Website: 🤍 Here is a nugget from a work-in-progress project only those will find that read the description or are on my discord server: 🤍 (If you made it leave a comment on that video 🙂) The shown Tips and Tweaks will work with: BSL Shader v8 BSL Shader v8 BSL Shader v7.1.04.1 BSL Shader v7.1 BSL Shader v7.0 And limited for (different menus): BSL Shader v6.2, BSL Shader v6.0, BSL Shader v5.3, BSL Shader v5.0, Works with Minecraft 1.16.5 Minecraft 1.16.4 Minecraft 1.16 Minecraft 1.15 Settings I presented in this video AMBIENT_DB=168 AMBIENT_DG=140 AMBIENT_EB=100 AMBIENT_NB=200 AMBIENT_NI=1.20 AMBIENT_NR=180 ANIMATION_SPEED=0.25 BLOCKLIGHT_G=168 BLOCKLIGHT_I=1.05 BLOCKLIGHT_R=192 BLOOM_STRENGTH=0.75 CLOUD_BRIGHTNESS=2.00 CLOUD_HEIGHT=15.0 CLOUD_OPACITY=0.9 CLOUD_THICKNESS=2 DESATURATION_FACTOR=1.5 DISTANT_FADE=1 END_G=196 END_I=0.70 EXPOSURE=0.25 HORIZON_DISTANCE=3.0 LENS_FLARE_STRENGTH=0.25 LIGHT_DB=148 LIGHT_DG=176 LIGHT_DR=184 LIGHT_EG=156 LIGHT_EI=1.30 LIGHT_ER=212 LIGHT_MB=100 LIGHT_MG=172 LIGHT_NI=1.45 LIGHT_NR=164 LIGHT_SHAFT_STRENGTH=0.50 NETHER_CB=56 NETHER_CG=60 NETHER_CI=1.60 NETHER_CR=224 NETHER_NB=56 NETHER_NG=80 NETHER_NI=1.70 NETHER_NR=196 NETHER_VI=1.20 NETHER_VR=116 NETHER_WG=196 NETHER_WI=1.20 NETHER_WR=232 ROUND_SUN_MOON=true SATURATION=0.95 SKY_DESATURATION=false SKY_I=1.20 SKY_R=112 SKYBOX_BRIGHTNESS=0.75 TONEMAP_LOWER_CURVE=1.3 TONEMAP_UPPER_CURVE=1.5 TONEMAP_WHITE_CURVE=1.5 VIBRANCE=1.20 WATER_B=180 WATER_G=120 WATER_I=0.60 WATER_R=16 WATER_SPEED=4.00 Tutorial / Guide Categories How to Fix shaders, how to improve shaders, best bsl shader settings, bsl shader configuration #Minecraft #TecThorPlays #Shaders #HowTo #Guide

100 Words in BSL for Everyday Conversation


Learn 100 words in British Sign Language that will be useful for everyday conversations. Thanks for watching! ✋

Basic Conversational Questions and Answers in BSL


Examples of basic conversational questions and example answers in British Sign Language. These examples include: - Hello, how are you? - What's your name? - Do you want coffee? - What's your number? - What are you doing later? - What do you want for dinner? - Do you want anything from the shop? Thanks for watching! ✋

Minecraft: BSL-Shader best Settings | Clear View Tutorial (2023)


Improve Bsl Shader looks and best Settings for the Bsl Shader. Best Minecraft Shader Settings tutorial #minecraft #minecraftshaders I hope you like it (:

BSL Season 17 - Recta final


BSL Season 17 - Recta final iFinal de Winner Bracket - Bo7 Bonyth vs Mihu Semifinal de Loser Bracket - Bo5 Dewalt vs Sziky Apoya a la Copa latinoamericana de StarCraft: YAPE al 996699723 (Enrique) YAPE al 70192692 (Oli) Suscríbete por Aiur: 🤍

Another 100 Basic Signs in British Sign Language (BSL)


Learn ANOTHER 100 Basic Signs in BSL with Commanding Hands. In this video, there's a wide range of simple words demonstrated. Check out our first "100 Basic Signs" video for 100 different signs to this video: 🤍 Full list of words in this video: 0:03 Never, always, varies, depends, same, different, about, enough, more, useful. 1:41 Awake, asleep, bed, room, bedroom, meet, stop, start, next, finish. 3:14 Internet, email, download, upload, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, computer, hashtag. 4:38 Eat, cereal, bread, apple, orange, fish, meat, sandwich, potato. 6:06 Christmas, Easter, Halloween, party, fireworks, animal, tiger, lion, dog, cat. 7:48 Farm, cow, pig, chicken, duck, goat, zoo, snake, rhino, bear. 9:20 Teddy bear, play, toy, delighted, miserable, lazy, TV, relax, DVD, music. 10:59 Disabled, wheelchair, access, conversation, deafened, interpreter, communication, problem, fix. 12:26 Buy, sell, throw away, sort out, wine, beer, vodka, bottle, drunk, thirsty. 13:59 Fight, wrestle, match, football, rugby, London, Birmingham, beautiful, ugly, crowded. 15:30 Next week, last week, tomorrow, yesterday. Thanks for watching! ✋

How to Sign Colours in British Sign Language (BSL)


Learn how to sign colours in British Sign Language. In this demonstration, the following colours are signed: red, green, brown, yellow, blue, orange, purple, pink, grey, black, white, gold and silver. There are many regional differences with colours in particular. The colours in this video are very common, however you will likely encounter some different signs due to regional differences.

BSL See it Say it Sign it | British Sign Language | Jack Hartmann


Join Jack Hartmann for this British Sign Language version of See It, Say It, Sign It. Jack shows the sign language for each letter to our British friends. See It, Say It Sign It as you learn British sign language for each letter and the letter sounds for each letter of the alphabet. Jack shows the British sign for each letter and the letter sounds for each letter as he sings the letter name and the letter is shown on the screen, this version also includes the letter sounds and objects beginning with the sound. This is a simple and fun way to learn British sign language for each letter of the alphabet. As a fun follow up challenge have each student spell their name using signs for each letter. British alphabet. Lyrics See it, say it, sign it The letters of the alphabet See it, say it, sign it The letters of the alphabet A, a this is the letter a /A/ /a/ apple /A/ /a/ acorn B, b, this is the letter b /B/ /b/ baby /B/ /b/ ball C, c, this is the letter c /C/ /c/ cat /C/ /c/ car D, d, this is the letter d /D/ /d/ dog /D/ /d/ daisy E, e, this is the letter e /E/ /e/ egg /E/ /e/ eagle F, f, this is the letter f /F/ /f/ fish /F/ /f/ fan G, g, this is the letter g /G/ /g/ goat /G/ /g/ gum H, h, this is the letter h /H/ /h/ hat /H/ /h/ hippo See it, say it, sign it The letters of the alphabet See it, say it, sign it The letters of the alphabet I, i, this is the letter i /I/ /i/ igloo /I/ /i/ ice J, j, this is the letter j /J/ /j/ jet /J/ /j/ juice K, k, this is the letter k /K/ /k/ kite /K/ /k/ kangaroo L, l, this is the letter l /L/ /l/ lamp /L/ /l/ lion M, m, this is the letter m /M/ /m/ mouse /M/ /m/ monkey N, n, this is the letter n /N/ /n/ nosel /N/ /n/ nest O, o, this is the letter o /O/ /o/ otter /O/ /o/ oval P, p, this is the letter p /P/ /p/ pumpkin /P/ /p/ pizza See it, say it, sign it The letters of the alphabet See it, say it, sign it The letters of the alphabet Q, q, this is the letter q /Q/ /q/ quail /Q/ /q/ queen R, r, this is the letter r /R/ /r/ rug /R/ /r/ rainbow S, s, this is the letter s /S/ /s/ sun /S/ /s/ sandwich T, t, this is the letter t /T/ /t/ tiger /T/ /t/ taco U, u, this is the letter u /U/ /u/ umbrella /U/ /u/ ukulele V, v, this is the letter v /V/ /v/ van /V/ /v/ viper W, w, this is the letter w /W/ /w/ woodpecker /W/ /w/ windmill X, x, this is the letter x /X/ /x/ like in fox /X/ /x/ like in box Y, y, this is the letter y /Y/ /y/ yo-yo /Y/ /y/ yellow Zed,zed, this is the letter z /Z/ /z/ zoo /Z/ /z/ zipper See it, say it, sign it The letters of the alphabet See it, say it, sign it The letters of the alphabet Jack Hartmann's website: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: 🤍 Remember to connect with Jack Hartmann on his Social Networks: Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 You can find Jack Hartmann's Music on: Jack Hartmann Website: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 CD Baby: 🤍

50 Quick and Easy Signs in BSL You Can Learn TODAY


Learn 50 signs in British Sign Language (BSL)! We're aiming to help everyone learn BSL. Here's a mixed selection of BSL signs; some will be useful in everyday situations and some are just fun to use. Disclaimer: We actually put 52 signs in this video! We couldn't decide which ones to cut, so decided to be sneaky and give you 2 extra. Join this channel to support Commanding Hands: 🤍 Video contents: 1. 0:08 Movie 2. 0:18 Book 3. 0:28 Camera 4. 0:38 Photo 5. 0:49 Money 6. 0:59 Cheap 7. 1:09 Expensive 8. 1:19 Flirt 9. 1:29 Naughty 10. 1:38 Crab 11. 1:48 Cat 12. 1:57 Crocodile 13. 2:06 Come here 14. 2:15 Ecstatic 15. 2:26 Sad 16. 2:37 How are you? 17. 2:47 Accident 18. 2:58 Dangerous 19. 3:08 Risky 20. 3:18 Nice 21. 3:28 Horrible 22. 3:38 Fire 23. 3:48 Water 24. 3:57 Drink 25. 4:07 Tea 26. 4:16 Coffee 27. 4:24 Wine 28. 4:34 Food 29. 4:43 Cheese 30. 4:53 Chocolate 31. 5:03 Fat 32. 5:10 Thin 33. 5:20 Confident 34. 5:38 Stress 35. 5:50 Good morning 36. 6:02 Good night 37. 6:14 Have to put up with it 38. 6:27 Had it up to here 39. 6:39 Suspicious 40. 6:51 (Go to) Sleep 41. 6:59 Wake up 42. 7:07 Want 43. 7:17 Don’t want 44. 7:27 Must 45. 7:37 Work 46. 7:47 Busy (lots to do) 47. 7:58 Busy (crowded) 48. 8:08 Fast 49. 8:19 Slow 50. 8:31 Love 51. 8:42 Hate 52. 8:51 Confused

100 Opposites in British Sign Language (BSL)


This vocabulary builder shows you how to sign 100 opposites in British Sign Language. Learning the antonym of a sign may help you to remember them if you visualise them as a pair; many signs have a visual connection with their antonym. Contents: 0:08 Adult - Child 0:33 Agree - Disagree 1:03 Agree - Argue 1:35 All - Nothing 2:05 Allow - Forbid 2:36 Always - Never 3:07 Arrive - Leave 3:38 Ask - Answer 4:11 Asleep - Awake 4:40 Better - Worse 5:11 Beautiful - Ugly 5:40 Big - Small 6:09 Birth - Death 6:39 Break - Fix 7:07 Buy - Sell 7:38 Calm - Excited 8:07 Can - Can't 8:34 Cheap - Expensive 9:01 Clean - Dirty 9:33 Clever - Stupid 9:59 Close - Open 10:27 Cold - Hot 10:54 Come - Go 11:20 Confident - Lose Confidence 11:50 Continue - Interrupt 12:20 Continue - Stop 12:45 Cry - Laugh 13:14 Dark - Light 13:43 Day - Night 14:10 Different - Same 14:39 Down - Up 15:03 Early - Late 15:32 Embarrassed - Proud 16:04 Empty - Full 16:32 Equality - Discriminate 17:01 Evening - Morning 17:30 Everything - Nothing 18:04 Fail - Succeed 18:30 False - True 19:01 Far - Near 19:24 Fast - Slow 19:51 Fat - Thin 20:17 Find - Lose 20:43 Finish - Start 21:11 First - Last 21:40 Forget - Remember 22:06 Freeze - Melt 22:32 God - Devil 23:00 Good - Bad 23:24 Happy - Sad 23:49 Hard - Easy 24:15 Hard - Soft 24:41 Healthy - Ill 25:09 Hello - Goodbye 25:32 Hungry - Thirsty 26:01 Ignore - Listen 26:25 Innocent - Guilty 26:54 Know - Don't know 27:19 Land (plane) - Take off (plane) 27:50 Learn - Teach 28:20 Lie - Truth 28:48 Like - Don't like 29:14 Loud - Quiet 29:44 Love - Hate 30:11 Many - Few 30:38 Moon - Sun 31:10 New - Old 31:36 Nice - Awful 32:06 Nice - Horrible 32:31 No - Yes 32:55 Normal - Strange 33:22 Normal - Special 33:47 Now - Later 34:13 Over - Under 34:41 Past - Future 35:09 Poor - Rich 35:40 Possible - Impossible 36:06 Private - Public 36:32 Pull - Push 37:00 Question - Answer 37:31 Raise - Lower 38:00 Right - Wrong 38:27 Right - Left 38:54 Safe - Dangerous 39:23 Safe - Risky 39:50 Shout - Whisper 40:14 Serious - Funny 40:40 Sit - Stand 41:05 Strong - Weak 41:30 Sure - Not sure 41:58 Tall - Short 42:26 Together - Apart 42:56 Tomorrow - Yesterday 43:27 Understand - Don't understand 43:57 Upload - Download 44:25 Want - Don't want 44:53 Will - Won't 45:20 With - Without 45:48 You - Me 46:12 Yours - Mine Here at Commanding Hands, we want everyone to have access to free BSL learning resources. Join our channel and support us: 🤍

BSL Signed Nursery Rhymes Playlist | CBeebies


Join in with the CBeebies presenters Andy and Cat. CBeebies Nursery Rhyme list: 00:00 - The Wheels On the Bus 01:51 - Hot Cross Buns 03:03 - Incy Wincy Spider 04:11 - It’s Raining, It’s Pouring 05:22 - Baa Baa Black Sheep 06:34 - Hey Diddle Diddle 07:49 - Mary Had A Little Lamb 08:54 - Row, Row, Row Your Boat CBeebies - our favourite nursery rhymes and songs in one handy playlist video and featuring British Sign Language BSL. Visit CBeebies at 🤍 to find even more fun games and videos for your pre-schooler in a safe child friendly environment. CBeebies is dedicated to delighting and surprising its pre-school audience and it remains the UK's most watched and most loved channel for the under-sixes. Just under half of the target audience tune in every week (parents and carers with children aged 0-3 and 4-to 6-year-olds in digital homes) and our reach is over double that of our nearest competitor. Visit us at 🤍 #CBeebies #NurseryRhumes #signlanguage #bsl #britishsignlanguage

Learn how to ask Questions in BSL


A beginner's guide to questions in BSL including the signs for the common questioning words, examples of BSL sentences and answering questions in different ways including using affirmation and negation. Non-manual features are important in BSL and it's important to use these when asking questions. Tilting your head and moving your eyebrows are examples of non-manual features and can indicate you are asking a question. 0:16 Using non-manual features in questions 0:55 Signs for "WH" questions 3:27 Examples of questions with one sign 5:39 Sentence structure in BSL questions 6:06 Examples of questions in BSL 9:21 Answering questions in BSL 10:03 Affirmation and negation If you found this video useful, please consider becoming a member of our channel. Thanks for watching!

BSL - Dans ma ville (Clip Officiel)


- NaFaz Beats - Rec/Mix/Master/Clip : SlimProd 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Snapchat : bsl.6k SON DISPONIBLE SUR TOUTES LES PLATEFORMES !!

BSL S17 - Ro16 - Group D - Mihu, Hawk, UltrA, QiaoGege - p3 - StarCraft BroodWar Championship


We are launching next season of BSL - number 17! TOP28 players qualified, but only one will be the Champion! #starcraft #broodwar #remastered #remasteredgames Who will advance to Ro8 ? Check out our wonderful sponsors, patreons and BSL17 goal donators here: 🤍 Thanks to them we have another great season of BSL. Feel free to support the BSL18 goal here - 🤍 Casted by Razz & Fonger Check out their channels: 🤍 🤍 Produced and Observed by ZZZero Check out BSL here: - ✅ 🤍 - ✅ 🤍 - ✅ 🤍 - ✅ 🤍 - ✅ 🤍 Support BSL here: - ✅ 🤍 - ✅ 🤍 - ✅ Coinbase wallet: 3C68TASwdfzrQhBvGrZEgdEFQJkM35EE8C *About the Bombastic Starleague (BSL)* Created by Polish Brood War player Dawid "ZZZero" Paździor in 2013, the Bombastic Starleague is an international StarCraft event for all competitors outside South Korea. Split into separate skill-based divisions, the BSL aims to promote player development on the foreign scene of StarCraft.

Testy poligonowe systemu zwalczania BSL


#zmt,#pgz,#bsl,#wat,#ncbir Pod koniec 2021 roku na Centralnym Poligonie Sił Powietrznych w Ustce odbyły się testy systemu zwalczania bezzałogowych statków latających (BSL) opracowanego przez konstruktorów i naukowców z Zakładów Mechanicznych „Tarnów” S.A. i Wojskowej Akademii Technicznej. Celem testów było przeprowadzenie badań w warunkach poligonowych, tj. sprawdzenia możliwości wykrycia, śledzenia i zwalczania bezzałogowych statków powietrznych klasy mini i mikro.

BSL Shaders vs Complementary Shaders | Shader Comparison


Shader: BSL Shaders 🤍 Complementary Shaders 🤍 Buy me a coffee 🤍 Patreon 🤍 Discord 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Song: Blossom - Lakey Inspired Specifications: CPU:Intel Kaby Lake, Core i5 7600 3.50GHz box GPU:ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition 4GB DDR5 128-bit RAM:2x G.Skill Aegis 8GB DDR4 2133MHz CL15 (16 gb) MOBO:Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H HDD:Seagate FireCuda SSHD 2TB SATA-III 7200RPM 64MB CPU COOLER:Cooler ARCTIC AC Freezer 12 CASE:X2 T6 USB 3.0 Black PSU: Inter-Tech Energon CM 650W #bslshader #complementaryshaders #comparison



Provided to YouTube by Zebralution GmbH B.S.L. · Die Ärzte Planet Punk ℗ 2005 Hot Action Records GmbH Released on: 1995-09-18 Composer: Urlaub Lyricist: Urlaub Music Publisher: Uwe Hoffmann und die ärzte Auto-generated by YouTube.

Learn Simple Signs & Sentences in BSL for Customer Service


Help communication with your Deaf customers who use British Sign Language by learning some basic signs and short sentences. Remembering just a few signs can make all the difference, especially if you're wearing a face mask. Thanks for watching!

Two birds on a wire song - BSL British Sign Language SSE Sign supported English


#bsl #britishsignlanguage #sse #signwithme #song #twobirdsonawire #clicksubcribebutton #clicklike #subscribeme #followmeontiktok ➡️➡️amybslsigns

British Cities - Learn How To Use Sign Language (BSL)


BSL signs for some of the UK's biggest cities: London Birmingham Leeds Glasgow Sheffield Wolverhampton Liverpool Edinburgh Manchester Cardiff Nottingham York Brighton Oxford Blackpool Exeter Have I missed out your home town? Let me know for the next video! British Sign Language, like any other language, is regional and differs from place to place. These are the signs I use but all versions are valid. Watch my other videos to learn more signs: The Alphabet: British Cities: Colours: Continents: Countries: Days: Family: Feelings/Emotions: Jobs: Months: Numbers: Relationships: Weather: Tell me in the comments what else you would like to see!

How To Optimize BSL SHADERS for Low End PCs - Best Settings for BSL Shaders | Minecraft Tutorial


Hello and welcome to yet another Minecraft video! In this video I'm going to show you how to optimize BSL Shaders for Low End PCs! I've been getting loads of questions about this, so I decided it is finally time to show you how to optimize BSL Shaders to run with great FPS on your low end system. BSL Shaders are very popular because they look great, and they're very well optimized. But people might still have trouble running BSL Shaders with its default settings and might not know how to optimize BSL shaders settings to run way smoother. Now BSL is clearly not one of the low end shaders for Minecraft, but that does not mean you can't make it run almost as good as some of the best low end shaders. That's why in this video I will teach you how to optimize bsl shader settings to increase your FPS and reduce lag with BSL Shaders. To do this we'll adjust some default Minecraft video settings, if you would like to know how to get the best Minecraft video settings, you should check out this video: 🤍 After that I will show you the best settings for bsl shaders for low end pc! Let me know down below in the comments how many FPS you managed to get using these optimized bsl settings! If you've enjoyed this video, make sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already: 🤍 💎 Partnerships: Apex Minecraft Hosting: 🤍 (Affiliate Link) My PC & Equipment: 🤍 (Affiliate Link) ────── Useful Links ────── ✅ Socials: Discord: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subreddit: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Minecraft Server IP: 📦 Downloads: BSL Shaders: 🤍 ────── Extra Information ────── 💻 PC Specs and Peripherals: (Affiliate Links) - RX 580: 🤍 - Ryzen 5 3600: 🤍 - 16GB RAM: 🤍 - PC Case: 🤍 - Headphones: 🤍 - Webcam: 🤍 - Keyboard: 🤍 - Mouse: 🤍 🎵 Music: Intro | Open All Night - Christian Nanzell ( BGM | Before Chill - Yomoti ( Outro | Hadouken - Lupus Nocte ( #DanielPlays #BSL #Minecraft

Food and Drink in BSL: 100 Signs (British Sign Language)


Learn 100 signs relating to food and drink in British Sign Language. This demonstration includes vegan, vegetarian, types of meat, breakfast, lunch, dinner and more. The lip pattern is important on signs that have the same handshapes and movements, e.g. soup, breakfast and pudding. Mouth the word as you sign them to help tell them apart. Did you understand what my favourite food is? Let me know in the comments if you got it. Do you like it too? 🤔 If you have suggestions for future videos, let us know. Thanks for watching! ✋

10 Examples of Multi-Channel Signs in BSL (British Sign Language)


Multi-channel signs in BSL are signs that require more than just hand movements. The lip pattern in a multi-channel sign isn't the English word mouthed, instead there is a specific lip pattern associated with the meaning. These signs convey more information than a single spoken word could. Such signs are unique to sign languages and one of the reasons why we love British Sign Language! In BSL, non-manual features involve parts of your body giving extra information that isn't your hands, e.g. head/body movements, facial expressions and lip patterns. Non-manual features are an integral part of multi-channel signs. The term "multi-channel sign" is one that helps students, but it's important to be aware that in reality many signs in BSL use non-manual features and rely on more than just your hands to communicate. Therefore some people prefer to use other terms such as "parallel hand/mouth movements" to describe these signs. Typically students learn multi-channel signs on intermediate and advanced courses. You may therefore find these challenging, however using multi-channel signs is a great way to advance your BSL skill level. Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Background music: Walk In The Park by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. 🤍 Artist: 🤍

BSL 2v2 S2 - WB Semi Finals - Bonyth & Sziky VS Banana & B.Lyndon - StarCraft 1 Remastered


SUBSCRIBE! We are getting to the most juicy part of the tournament! Casted by Machine & vOddy _ Organizing tournaments is now my full time job, if you like what I do please consider - Donate: 🤍 - Joining the Patreon: 🤍 Contact for more payment methods: zzzeropl🤍 All BSL Links in one place - 🤍 - Learn more about BSL: 🤍 - Subscribe to ZZZero's Twitch channel for live tournament casts: 🤍 - Join us on Discord: 🤍 - Get your BSL gear at the BSL Shop: 🤍 *About the Bombastic Starleague (BSL)* Created by Polish Brood War player Dawid "ZZZero" Paździor in 2013, the Bombastic Starleague is an international StarCraft event for all competitors outside South Korea. Split into separate skill-based divisions, the BSL aims to promote player development on the foreign scene of StarCraft.

BSL Vocabulary Builder: School and Educational Signs


Learn a range of educational words in British Sign Language (BSL) including educational settings, subjects, assessments types and some general terms. Thanks for watching! ✋

LEARN BSL: BSL Colours. Learn the signs for different colours in British Sign Language.


Learn the signs for different colours in British Sign Language. *NOTE: I speak in my videos to help hearing people watching to learn the signs. However, when you sign, you should turn your voice OFF.* Colours mentioned in the video: Red Yellow Orange Pink Purple Green Blue Black White Gold Silver Colour Rainbow For more information about British Sign Language, deaf awareness, and the deaf community, please visit the links below: British Deaf Association: 🤍 National Deaf Children's Society: 🤍 Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID): 🤍 Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD): 🤍 BSL Sign Bank: 🤍 Watch BSL content (including some content for children) on BSL Zone: 🤍 Deaf Children's Sunday School (lessons are taught on Facebook in BSL): 🤍

Christmas Vocabulary in British Sign Language (BSL)


Learn a range of Christmas themed vocabulary in BSL with our festive vocabulary builder! Do you find flash cards helpful when revising? Head over to our website and download a free PDF copy of flash cards that correlate to this video. Link here: 🤍 0:15 Angel 0:27 Bells 0:39 Boxing Day 1:01 Carols 1:18 Celebration 1:31 Christmas 1:48 Christmas Card 2:05 Christmas Day 2:21 Christmas Eve 2:38 Christmas Tree 2:58 December 3:16 Decorations 3:34 Elf 3:46 Family 4:04 Friends 4:19 Gingerbread Man 4:48 Happy Christmas 5:07 Holiday 5:21 Jesus 5:36 Magic 5:51 Merry Christmas 6:11 Mistletoe 6:27 North Pole 6:51 Present 7:07 Present (you to me, thank you) 7:21 Reindeer 7:33 Santa Claus 7:47 Secret Santa 8:09 Snowman 8:29 Snowing 8:41 Star 8:56 Stocking 9:10 Toy 9:26 Turkey 9:42 Tradition 9:56 White Christmas

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