Karaikudi Tamil Samayal


Karaikudi Tamil Samayal features traditional and modern recipes which were handed to me by my mother, mother in law and my grand-mother. Some of these recipes have been simplified to suit the modern cooking style while still retaining the traditional taste of Tamil Nadu Cuisine. This cuisine is very peculiar in the aspect that it stimulates the taste buds of all six tastes in every dish prepared and thus satisfying the palette thoroughly. Come on and learn the recipe of these tasty dishes, HAPPY COOKING. I always wanted to start cooking channel in youtube. Finally i did. This channel is for beginners how want to learn to cook.My love for food is infinite, my passion for cooking is my happiness. Food brings us together. For me cooking is my stress reliever. Watch,Try, Taste and Enjoy the food.

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Fluffy  Omlette || Karandi Omlette in Tamil  || Karaikudi Tamil Samayal

Fluffy Omlette || Karandi Omlette in Tamil || Karaikudi Tamil Samayal

Karaikudi Tamil Samayal
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No more Roja's Kitchen 😭😭 Bye Frds

No more Roja's Kitchen 😭😭 Bye Frds

Karaikudi Tamil Samayal
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